Rock and Roll does time travel!

TO THE 60s!...........................NOT!


In this presentation, I will talk about the popular groups in the 1960s,The Beatles,The doo-wops,places people play rock and roll,and progressive rock.I chose this topic,because I did not know about rock.When I interviewed my grandmother,I heard her mention Rock & Roll. I like to hear the beatles play rock and roll also! I have a Rock band game that has the rock and roll music.

What groups was popular in the 1960s?

The Comets,The Beatles,Grateful Dead,The Supremes,The Rolling Stones, Beach Boys,The Four Tops,Jefferson Airplane,and The Temptations were the popular groups in the 1960s.They were all very popular groups.(Micheal Kronenwetter)

When did The Beatles start their group and how many albums did they produce?

They all met in 1960 before their first song"Ain't she sweet?".They recorded 13 albums before they broke up.(Rochelle Larkin)

What are doo-wop groups?

The doo-wop was built upon vocal harmony.It first appeared in print in 1961 in the Chicago defender to the United States.A style of small-group vocal harmonizing, commercialized as a type of so-called street singing in the 1950s, in which words and nonsense syllables are chanted in rhythmic harmony to support the stylized melody of the lead singer.(Wikipedia)

What other places were people playing rock and roll in the 1960s?

Places people play is Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Los Angeles, Hollywood,and New York. these are places people play rock and roll(Wikipedia).

What is progressive rock?

"Progressive rock is an attempt to move established musical formulas by experimenting with different instruments,song types, and forms.Classical orchestration, keyboards and synthesisers were a frequent addition to the established rock format of guitars, bass and drums in subsequent progressive rock."(Wikipedia)

Fun Fact Alert!

  • The Beatles sold a lot of records not because they were the greatest musicians but simply because their music was easy to sell to the masses: it had no difficult content, it had no technical innovations, it had no creative depth(
  • Genesis were first known for their songwriting talents and Gabriel’s uniquely theatrical onstage performances(Britannica)
  • Most of Greater London south of the Thames belongs to the historic county of Surrey, while most of Greater London north of the Thames belongs historically to the county of Middlesex (Britannica)
  • While the Grateful Dead had ceased to exist following the death of Garcia, the remaining band members continued their “long, strange trip.” Weir, Lesh, Kreutzmann, and Hart enlisted Bruce Hornsby, who had originally filled in on keyboards after Brent Mydland’s death in 1990, to form the Other Ones(Britannica)
  • In 1996, The Beatles announced their retirement from public performing to concentrate on exploiting the full resources of the recording studio(Britannica).

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