Mrs. Bodart's First Grade News

September 19, 2016

Student Responsibility

If you send something in your child's yellow folder (lunch money, notes, etc.) it is your child's responsibility to give me those things. I do not go through the folders.

Math Facts

Students took their first math fact quiz today and most of them did well; the quiz is in the folder. When a student gets a 13 or high on the quiz, then I will give your child a new set of facts to practice. If your child does not pass a quiz he/her will need to practice another week and retake the quiz on the following Friday.

Sight Words

In August, I assessed your child on sight words. I will be sending flash cards home so you can help your child with reading/recognizing the words. The more sight words your child can read without hesitation, the better reader your child will be. There will be about 20 words on the sheet, but I suggest only starting out with 3-4 words and once your child has those mastered add more from the sheet. All students will be working at his/her pace, therefore we want to see progression and it does not have to be weekly. There are 12 lists total and we will be checking periodically to monitor progress. Once your child has mastered a list, we will send a new list home.

Our Focus For Next Week


1.RL.2.3 Using key details, identify and describe the elements of plot, character, and setting.


Addition and Subtraction


1.W.3.2 I can develop a topic sentence or main idea, provide some facts or details about the topic, and provide a concluding statement.


In your child's folder i