2-Day Tales

A Peek Inside Our Preschool Classroom

Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Nier's Thurs/Fri Class January 2014

The New Year is off to a super start!

Seems like a good time to touch base...we've just officially finished our Winter Unit and are about to move on to The Rainforest Unit. This new unit is school-wide, and the special project we make will be kept at school and displayed in the Art Show in May.

(I've tried to include pictures this time, but I can't promise I'll be able to do that with every newsletter...so enjoy!)

good friends

The children play so nicely with each other. Throughout the classroom, the children interact with each other very cooperatively. In the kitchen area, for example, they usually like to play restaurant (recently the children pretended to be cats who were sitting at the restaurant to be served!). Also, a small group was playing babies, while another was huddled around the reading nook table playing with a Noah's Ark play set (as we see here with Katie, Abbey, Liam and Jason). This week, the boys and girls shared nicely with the Zip Track cars, which is very tough because they are so popular and fun (we have just 4 battery-operated cars to go around).

In the gym, we get to play with the children from Mrs. DiLullo's class. It's such a treat to see the boys and girls join in with the others to play games and ride toys. (Here is Gabriel and Ella with a friend from Mrs. DiLullo's class on the boat.)

Show & Tell

We had our first Show & Tell this week. Abbey did a terrific job showing and telling us about her fluffy elephant that she received from Santa. We encouraged the children to listen, and then ask questions. This is a bit challenging, as they tend to want to tell us about their presents, so we coach them along using question words like: who, what, where, when, do, how, etc. Today, Abbey was asked three times, "Where did you get that elephant?", to which she patiently answered, "From Santa"; "Do you sleep with it?"; and "Where do you keep it?" Great job, Abbey!


The class is working on putting on coats independently and then, how to zipper. We use sticker charts to mark each child's attempts at these tasks; when a student's chart is full (with 5 stickers), they get a prize and are "in the zipper club". It's very sweet to see some of those who are in the zipper club help those who are still working on it. This will continue throughout the month of January.


We sing:

(To the tune of Hot Cross Buns) Hot Chocolate, hot chocolate, it's so yummy, for my tummy, hot chocolate! Marshmallows, marshmallows, soft and sweet and good to eat, marshmallows!


Dance Like Snowflakes (to the tune of Frere Jacques),

Dance like snowflakes, dance like snowflakes, in the air, in the air, whirling, twirling snowflakes, whirling twirling snowflakes, here and there, everywhere! (Legend has it that singing this song will make it snow...it worked last Friday!!)


(To the tune Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes) Boots, mittens, scarves and hats, scarves and hats, boots, mittens, scarves and hats, scarves and hats...we won't get cold if we put on all of that...boots, mittens scarves and hats, scarves and hats. (It's most fun when we change the speed at which we do this one...super fast is our favorite!)


Put on your tall boots, left and right, put on your tall boots, left and right, put on your tall boots left and right, are we ready to go -- "NO"!

Next is your warm coat, zip it up, next is your warm coat, zip it up, next is your warm coat zip it up, are we ready to go -- "NO"!

Put on your fuzzy hat, pull it down, put on your fuzzy hat, pull it down, put on your fuzzy hat, pull it down, are we ready to go -- "NO"!

Last are the mittens, snug and tight, last are the mittens, snug and tight, last are the mittens, snug and tight, are we ready to go -- "YES"!



I can build a snowman, make him wide and tall, let's see if we can hit him with this round snowball!

our centers so far this month...

Playdough Table: Glittery white snow play dough with lots of accessories for cutting, rolling and pushing, along with accessories for building and decorating snowmen (we use Mr. Potato Head accessories). We saw lots of interesting creations, including a melted snowman!

Sensory Box: Faux snow....dried mashed potatoes; styrofoam "snowballs", snowflakes, shovels and clear marbles (ice - or diamonds, as Matt likes to play). Next, we'll change this up for our RAINFOREST theme.

Project Table: On our return to school, we began with snowball painting (with golf balls covered in white paint; the children dropped them into a box and rolled around to paint their papers, which we used as backdrops for the hot chocolate projects). Then, lots of sensory fun with shaving cream and glue mixture to "paint" paper plates to make snowballs - these are hung up in the hallway. A hot chocolate craft, gluing pieces of brown paper (chocolate) and batting (whipped cream) onto mugs - also in the hallway. In addition to these art projects, the children completed a winter-themed counting and number identifying worksheet yesterday. All 13 children sat at the tables, and we completed this as a class. This involved lots of listening to directions, waiting, pencil skills, counting and number identification (1-5). Some children wanted to color their papers when we finished, while others chose to play with friends.

Fourth Center: Snowball throw (tossing stuffed white balls, rolled up socks and styrofoam balls through holes in a bean bag game board - which Mrs. Nier covered in white paper to make a snowman!); mitten matching (shape and color match); hot chocolate shop (using tongs to pick up brown foam "chocolate" pieces to put in cups, and cotton ball whipped cream); hammering golf tees into white styrofoam "icebergs"and placing snowballs (golf balls) and winter animals on top. We also set out a couple of felt scarves with strips of felt to make striped scarves (patterning); "Ollieblocks" with pictures of children in various winter clothing to mix and match; number strip puzzles (1 - 10) depicting winter scene.

Circle Time Exploration....

Today we talked about liquids, solids, water, ice, freezing and melting. We saw how liquids can be poured and take the shape of the container (we used round containers and clear plastic bags). We also dropped the frozen, solid ice from a round container into a bag and it stayed round and did not take the shape of the bag. We talked about putting water in the freezer (it becomes a solid - ice), and what happens when we keep the ice in our classroom (melts, becomes a liquid, water). We placed our ice blocks on a tray and left it out for the children to check on...Jason decided to extend play with the ice by adding some arctic animals, including a whale for the water puddles...Good stuff!!

We've added another element to our circle-time business...

...the days of the week! We sing (to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine): There are 7 days, there are 7 days, there are 7 days in a week...Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Next month, we'll add the beginning of the Pledge of Allegiance.

books we've read...

The After-Christmas Tree, Linda Wagner Tyler

Snowballs, Lois Ehlert

Snow Day, Barbara Joosse

games we've played...

"Snowflake, Snowflake"...in this gross motor game, I say: "Snowflakes, Snowflakes falling down, snowflakes, snowflakes _______ around." I fill in the blank with a variety of movements like: jump, hop, crawl, dance, robot, etc. After performing the action for a little while, I sound the drum, the children STOP, and we go again, changing the movement each time....very silly!

we're saying a new blessing before snack

We thank you for the world so sweet,

we thank you for the food we eat,

we thank you for the birds that sing,

we thank you, God, for everything.


Today, Mrs. Nier provided some nice warm hot chocolate with marshmallows for a special snack time treat...yum, yum...thank you, Mrs. Nier!

A New "Hello" Song, just to keep things interesting....

We stand and sing:

"Who's here today, who's here today, jump up, turn around, who's here today?"

Then, each child takes a turn answering with his/her name:

"(Suzy) is here today,

(Suzy) is here today.

Jump up, squat down

(Suzy) is here today.

It's a good morning workout before we sit and listen!


  • Vision screenings 1/31 -- permission slips have been sent home. Please let us know if you need one.
  • New Enrichment Session begins week of January 27th.

looking ahead to February...

I'll have calendars ready by the end of January, but here's a heads up...

  • Pajama Day is scheduled for Friday, February 7th; more info to follow.
  • Our class Valentine's party will be held on Friday, February 14th. This party is for students only and takes place during our snack time. More info to follow.

looking even further ahead to march...

Our class will have a field trip to the Bucks County Children's Museum, New Hope, PA http://www.buckskids.org/ on Thursday, 3/27/14...details will be sent home in a flyer at a later time....just wanted to give you some advance notice.