Meet and Greet with SAA and CRO

Team SAA in partnership with Chagrin River Outfitters

Fish Hard...Fish Often...

Steelhead Alley Angler in partnership with Chagrin River Outfitters will be holding a meet and greet for anglers. As mother nature begins to bear down upon the Steelhead Alley region, now is a great opportunity to tie flies, tell fish stories, checkout the latest fishing gear and learn a thing or two from each other in the process.

Informal Fly Tying event "things to bring":

-Fly vice
-Tying tools "bobbin, whip finisher, dubbing loop holder, etc...
- $10 to cover the cost of your materials

Chagrin River Outfitters will provide the materials to tie the "Hobo Spey" pattern this evening. If anglers would like additional materials to take home with them, they will be for sale the night of the Meet and Greet.

SAA Meet and Greet @ Chagrin River Outfitters

Tuesday, Feb. 19th 2013 at 6:30-8:30pm

100 N Main St

Chagrin Falls, OH


6:30PM - On your mark...Get Set...
7:00PM - Commence the tying
8:00PM - Cleanup and tell fish stories
8:30PM - Go home and tie your new hobo spey
Steelhead Alley Angler - Hobo Spey