Augustus Caesar

born Sept. 23, 63 bce—died Aug. 19, 14 ce

Offices held

He was the emperor from 27 BC – AD 14, and the consul during 43, 33, 31, 5, and 2 BC. He also served as the high priest of the college of pontiff, or Pontifex Maximus from 12 BC – AD 14.


- After 100 years of civil unrest, he brought peace to Rome.

- Augustus ordered the building of a highway that would connect Rome and its empire

- He established a uniform system of currency

- developed an effective postal system.

- He was a strong supporter of the Arts

- Caesar Augustus joined Marc Antony in defeating Brutus and Cassius.

- Under his rule, many bridges, aqueducts, and buildings were brought about.

- Rome expanded to include regions like Spain, Gaul, Panonia, Dalmatia, and Egypt.

- ruled as one of the triumvirates that reestablished Rome.

- generously gave large sums of money to the common people throughout his career.