Genetic Disorder

Down Syndrome

Common names:

Trisomy 21

Causes for this disorder:

It’s a chromosomal disorder that’s caused by an error in a cell division that results in an extra chromosome. Therefore people with this disorder has 21 chromosomes.

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Gene that is affected

Having down syndrome or as we may call it Trisomy 21. It causes the person with this disorder to have hearing and possibly vision problems. This disorder is a common birth defect

Prenatal tests?

Yes, there are cases where some pregnant mothers would like to know if they'll have a child that is diagnosed with down syndrome so they would like to get tested for it. If it comes back positive than your child will have down syndrome. If the test comes out negative than the child won't be diagnosed with down syndrome.


Short stature, weak muscles, a short wide neck, flattened face, short arms and small hands, slanting eyes, difficulties learning and talking,


A little more than 2% of the worlds population is affected with down syndrome.

Can someone with down syndrom be a candidate?

No, a person with down syndrome has a hard time learning and understanding what to do so therefore they're not capable of being a candidate.

How it's inherited

Down syndrome is not inherited it is a chromosomal condition that is associated with a disability.
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Medical assistance, need in the future? The long-terms effect

Down syndrome is not curable, it is a disorder. However, there are treatments and therapies for physical, the medical, and the cognitive. The person with down syndrome has a choice if they want to go to therapy for this condition in the near future. . The long term effects of this here disorder, Some people gets this disorder at birth, but there are cases where it doesn't develop until they're in the adulthood. The effects for this is: thyroid problems, hearing problems, congenital heart disease, eye problems, and joint and muscle problems.

Any treatment or cures?

There are no cures only treatments. The treatment for down syndrome is therapy like I explained earlier.


There are no preventions, it's a condition that occurs during birth.

Can they have kids? Will they this disorder?

Yes, just because they have a disorder doesn't mean they can't have children. Yes, their are possibilities where they can have normal children.

Any cures coming soon?

No, there are absolutely no cures what so ever that could treat this disorder.
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