All-year Organic Kitchen Gardening

Grow organic, seasonal vegetables & fruit year round

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Why should eating healthy be seasonal?!?!?

Eating organic fresh produce need not be a seasonal indulgence, limited to a few months a year. Different seasons bring with it the pleasure of growing, harvesting & savouring different seasonal vegetables and fruit from a kitchen garden. The key is knowing what grows when and planning your garden for the seasonal cycles.

With the cool weather well set, this is the right time to start thinking about which summer vegetables and fruit trees you’d like in your gardens. Along with that, shorter-term vegetables will ensure you start reaping from your garden within 8-10 weeks. It is also a great time to build good soil or preserve the soil you've got by preventing it from washing off as you take to the heavy summer watering of the garden.

All-year Organic Kitchen Gardening

Saturday, Jan. 17th, 3-6:15pm

International Center, Dona Paula, Goa, India

Vainguinim Beach


Call/SMS Yogita: 99606-43245 OR

Email: to pre-register.

Registration Fee is Rs. 400.00 per head.

What You'll Learn

  • Getting your soil right & keeping it fertile
  • How to sow & transplant monsoon vegetables
  • Which vegetables grow well during the different seasons
  • Proper methods of germination and transplanting
  • Successsion Planting to keep the produce coming
  • Dealing with pests and diseases organically

Green Essentials

We promote environmentally friendly practices and products. We are especially passionate about growing vegetables at home and encourage organic vegetable gardening in Goa through our workshops.

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