Located in Sub Sahara Africa.

Why I chose Kenya.

I had traveled all of my life, and I always visited highly populated cities and I thought it was time to change it up a bit. I wanted more of an adventure and more outdoors less populated country. So I thought why not Kenya? They have beautiful parks for example Nairobi national park, and Hells gate park. And Kenya is also near the ocean so that means beaches, and Diani beach was my absolute favorite, with crystal clear water. They also had a marine park called Watamu marine park near by with sharks and a lot of exotic fishes .

Very delicious Kenyan meals .

-Ugali is a dish of maize flour, millet flour or Sorghum flour cooked with water


Smashed peas, potatoes and corn


Corn and beans

What you should wear

If you plan on going to Kenya you will want to wear protective clothing to the sun, something like cotton that won't get extremely hot, and if you go near the coast it will be very humid.
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Kenya fun facts

98 Kenyan shillings = 1 us dollar

Official languages are Swahili and English

Goverment type is representative democracy.

The equator passes thru Kenya.

They drive on the left side of the road.

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