McKinley Weekly Update

Week of March 13th

Early Release Days

Students will be released at 12:15 on the dates below. Please plan accordingly.

  • 3/22/23 Spring Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 3/23/23 Spring Parent Teacher Conferences (regularly scheduled Th)
  • 3/24/23 Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

What's Happening in McKinley Classrooms

See the photos below for a glimpse of what happened this week at McKinley.

Paraprofessional Opportunity at McKinley

McKinley Elementary has an open paraprofessional position. If you or anyone you know is interested, please use this link to learn more about the job and apply. After the application is submitted, please contact the McKinley office and we will set up a time to talk.

Music at McKinley

Music classes in all grades have been actively learning throughout January and February!

TK- exploring songs about construction helped us practice keeping a steady beat with hammers, rhythm sticks and drums.

Kinder- moving to train songs helped us learn how the forces of motion effect tempo as the train music speeds up and slows down.

1st grade- reading and writing music maps helped us discern between high and low sounds and exploring our singing voices.

2nd grade- reading quarter notes and eighth notes has been a success; we are even dictating and writing these notes as we hear them!

3rd grade- learning a singing game from Iran helped us understand gravitational pushes and pulls. The song also prepared us to read new rhythm patterns.

4th grade- improvising with the boomwhackers is training our ears for reading melodies on a staff. We've also used the boomwackers to show the tempo and rhythmic ticking that a windmill can produce as it harnesses wind energy and converts it into electric energy.

5th grade- learning to play the recorders has been a great success!

See the pictures below

Green Day Saturday March 18th 9am-1pm

We will have projects for the kids and all skill levels. No experience or skills necessary! Come volunteer with enthusiastic students and parents and help make our school campus even better. For further information, contact: