Facts about Uruguay

Back ground knowledge

The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo and the 2 major cities are Salto, and Rivera. Uruguay gained its independence in 1825 from Brazil. Uruguay now Is a secured country not controlled by another country. The official language of Uruguay is Spanish.

Geographic and political information

Uruguay is located in South America by Brazil and Argentina. Some of uruguays features are: Negro river, Cuchilla Grande, Mirim Lagoon. Uruguay has a consistutional republic government. The leader of Uruguay is President Jose Pepe. Uruguay is on good terms with most countries. U.s.a and Uruguay are even kind of alike because of government type and imports/exports.

Tourist attraction

Economic and trade and imports and exports.

The Uruguays currency is peso. The capitalism socialism system is called the export- oriented. The Uruguay imports crude petroleum, refined petroleum, cars, delivery trucks,computers. The imports come from either: Brazil, Argentina, China, USA, Venezuela. The exports like soybeans,frozen Bouine, meat, rice, sulfate chemicals, wood pulp come from Brazil,free zone, China, Argentina, Venezuela.