Wilson's Weekly

May 6-10, 2019


Monday, we'll classify shapes using a Venn diagram. Tuesday & Wednesday, the students will learn how to measure to the nearest 1/4 of an inch and 1/2 centimeter. Thursday & Friday, we'll find the unknown side length of a polygon and then use it to figure out the perimeter.


Monday, we will read a nonfiction passage and discuss the author's point of view. On Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday morning, the students will be taking the ELA portion of the MAP Test.


Monday, the students will learn how to create a compound sentence using a conjunction & two simple sentences.Tuesday, we'll review how to punctuate dialogue correctly.


Wednesday, we will begin a new unit in Science - Weather. We'll start off by learning about various weather related tools. Thursday, we'll discuss the 5 elements of weather - temperature, wind, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and precipitation. Friday, the students will be reading a thermometer & graphing their data. They'll also practice reading graphs that show average state temperatures.

Social Studies

Monday, we will talk about the natural, human, & capital resources needed to take a good & a service from start to finish. Tuesday, the class will brainstorm ideas for a good or service that their group could create or provide. They'll also begin outlining their business plan. Wednesday, the students will work in groups to create their advertisement & product. Thursday will be our selling & shopping day. Afterward, we'll discuss how the students saw the effects of supply & demand. Friday, the students will take their assessment over goods & services.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday - ELA MAP Testing 9:30-11:00a.m.
  • Tuesday, May 7 - CiCi's Pizza Night 5-8p.m.
  • Thursday, May 9 - PTA Skate Night 6-8p.m.
  • Friday, May 10 - Mother's Day project 1:00-1:45p.m.