New Inventions

By: Dana Annaieva 6B

Iphone 6S

Iphone 6s

What is it?

Iphone 6S is a new modern phone. It was invented in September 2015 in U.S.A . It was originally made by a company called Apple. I chose this because it is very useful to me .

Here is some information about iPhone 6S: it has three different colours : grey,rose gold and golden.

Google glass 2

Google Glass 2

You might have heard of Google Glass, a new wearable technology that lets you take photos, record videos, make phone calls, send messages and perform a range of other smartphone related tasks.

They look similar to regular glasses, only these high tech ones help you find nearby locations, book appointments, check flights, weather reports and much more. See whats their thrilling view on one of the videos below :) ... The release date of the first google glass was February 2013 but the second new version of google glass( The enterprise edition) which can also open snapchat and play store is to be released around maybe May 2016 the latest.



With Cubic you can do many things that might just sound impossible to you right now. Cubic is a very mini robot inside a small device like a speaker that you can keep at anywhere at your home and with it we have a mini set where you can carry along yourself anywhere! Cubic can do everything a normal device does but it's actualy nothing like your normal device! Here are the things you can do with just Cubic!

Cicret bracelet

Cicret Bracelet

The cicret bracelet is like a big sized smartphone on your skin which you cant really feel. The cicret bracelet has special features such as being waterproof and easy to wear. It is mostly going to be available in the orange color but the Cicret company is also planning to have a limited edition of black. Find out how it actually feels and how awesome it is in the video below!