All About Me

Nicole Steger

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Softball 1-

Softball 1-


1)Softball- it is my favorite sport and i love it!

2)Country- I like music but i like country the most

3)Football- I do it in my free time

4)Run around- I do it everyday

5)Drawing- I love drawing flowers and animals

6)Saxophone- play it for band and its really fun

7)Snowmobiling- I go every winter and really enjoy it

8)Snowboarding- I have my own snowboard and love doing it

School Subject Strengths

1) Math- I am in advanced math and it is fun

2) Physical ED.- I'm great at running and every sport


Being paid a lot- somewhat important

Being creative- very important

Top 3 Ways I am smart

1) Body Smart

2) Music Smart

3)Nature Smart

General Learning style and how i can improve it

I learn by hearing it and then doing it.

I can improve by learning by reading so I know how to do all of the General Learning styles.

Math Learning styles and how i can improve it

I learn mostly by seeing the math.

I can improve it math by learning to talk it through.

Social learning style and how i can improve my learning environment

My social learning style is I work better with others.

I can work without asking others for help and make it into a goal.

Three Career Clusters

1) Arts/communication

2) Education/training

3) Government/public

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