Notes from the Band Room #30

June 7, 2015

This Week In Band

You can always check the morning rehearsals on our website: calendar (make sure to refresh your screen)
iPad users can sync the band calendar to the iCal app! Here it is: BOC Calendar
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Lessons This Week

Monday - 7th grade
Patriots: follow the schedule for 3/26 on the lesson schedule grid.
Jigsaw: follow the schedule for 3/25 on the lesson schedule grid.

Tuesday - 6th grade
8:30- Omni woodwinds
9:00- Journey woodwinds
9:30- ALL brass
10:00- ALL percussion


As our eighth grade musicians graduate and head to high school, we want to thank you for three years of hard work, growth and (beautiful) music-making.
We'll miss you at Attea - you've been musical leaders for us and we appreciate all you have done.
See you in September on Band Day, when you can teach all the new 6th graders how to march!


If your student is showing great interest in band and needs a musical challenge, please consider private lessons on bassoon or French horn. I can get you started, lend you an instrument and a beginning book, and recommend a private teacher. These instruments help complete the sound and balance of the ensemble.
Please contact me through email for further information.

thank you

What a wonderful year it has been for me to direct the Flyer Bands. THANKS to each one of you for making music with your classmates and me.
Please practice as much as you can over the summer - I have exciting plans and ideas for next school year.
If you have not received the audition sheet and ILMEA packet, please stop ask at your lesson this week.

NAfME (National Association for Music Education)

More benefits to music education in our schools!

Private Lesson Teachers

The BEST way to improve on your instrument is to study regularly with an expert on your instrument. I am working to update our private lesson teacher list. If you have someone you love, please send me their name/number/email address.

Don't Abandon Your Instrument This Summer

Check out the summer offerings at the Music Institute of Chicago and
Midwest Young Artists for camps and classes in our own backyard!

Make music and new friends this summer by signing up for camp.
My favorite music/band camps are:
U of I: ISYM
UW Whitewater
UW Madison
Illinois State
Blue Lake

Or sign up for private lessons. It's a great way to improve on your instrument. Lessons are offered through GBS and local music stores. If you need some recommendations, please email me.

Parents are invited to visit the band room.

Parents are encouraged to attend any rehearsal from 7:20-8:15 to see exactly how middle school band musicians learn and rehearse music. Even if your child is less than eager to practice at home for you, visitors will see how much our musicians love playing their instruments with a group. An audience makes it even more fun!