VCR Lesson 2

By Melissa Haueter

Fill in the blank.

Mrs. Hutchinson gave us the ____________ for the Junior paper in class and gave us the link to the online rubric.
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Parameter- n.

1. In mathematics, a constant that has variable values and is used to determine other variables

2. A factor that determines a range of variations; a boundary

Other forms:

Parametric- adj.

My neighbors have a very parametric parenting style.


PARA <G. "beside"

METRON <G. "measure"


  • framework
  • criterion
  • guideline
  • restriction


  • guess
  • probability
  • freedom

Choose the sentence with the incorrect usage.

A. Engineers must acknowledge parameters, when designing a product.

B. The FDA creates the parameters for farmers and food manufacturers.

C. My art teacher did not set any parameters for the new project, because she wanted us to freely express ourselves.

D. Cells have semi-parameter membranes.


The answer is D.