Nails and there structure

By: Kennedy n, cole s and heather g

Body of the nail

Is the visible part of the nail

Nail root

The nail root is the rest of the nail

Nail lunula

The nail lunula is the crescent shaped white under the proximal nail bed.

Nail cuticle

The nail cuticle is a fold of the skin at the base of the nail bed. It helps find the edge of the nail, on top of the nail lunula.

Nail bed

The nail bed the skin beneath the nail plate. sensitize tissue under neath the nail plate.

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Medical condition toe fungus

Nail fungal infections are caused by microscopic organisms called fungi that do not require sunlight to survive. Most commonly, a group of fungi called dermatophytes (such as Candida) is responsible for nail fungal infections. However, some yeasts and molds also cause these infections.

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