#23 Learning Logs

By: Paige Gaper

What is a Learning Log?

Grades K-8

Learning logs are notebooks in which students can record information that they are learning through out a thematic unit. Some things that students can write in learning logs:






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Why use this instructional strategy?

  • Allows students to explore many ideas
  • organizes thoughts
  • personalize their learning
  • teachers can quickly check student's understanding

How to use this instructional strategy

1. Prepare Learning Log

2. Use Learning Logs

3. Monitor students' entries

4. Write Reflection

Learning Logs connected to other Teaching Tips

-data charts



-Double entry journals

Common Core Standards

Reading: Informal Text and Writing

-students comprehend grade-appropriate informational texts

-students gather information from print and digital sources

-students identify key ideas and details, make connections among ideas, and analyze viewpoints