Career Presentation/Video

Digital Literacy Final Project

Final Project - DUE: Jan 19, 2016

Final Project = Final Exam Grade

The grade for this project will be your Final Exam grade which is worth 10% of your overall grade in this class!

This Presentation Project is Due: Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 - The presentation must be posted to your blog on this day!

Presentations submitted late will have 10% deducted from grade for each day it is late.



Remember playing make-believe when you were little? You are going to do the same now but imagine that it is the year 2040 (or later) and you are now working in the career you chose.

Pretend you are being interviewed for a documentary, or you are presenting at a career day- For example: introduce yourself, tell us about your current life - where do you live?

What company do you work for and what do you do?

You could act out the career - create the setting for the job and demonstrate the daily responsibilities/task.

These are just a couple of the possibilities - Use your imagination to fill in the details.

Let us know how you got to this place in your career - where did you go to school, what types of jobs did you start out at and have along the way. What else do we need to know, refer to your outline and the research you did.

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How will you put it all together?

Multi-Media Presentation

  • Put this all together in a multi-media presentation - using a presentation platform of your choice.

  • When the finished product is complete the class should have a very good idea of how your career path was started, what it involved and what one does in this career on a daily basis.
  • Videos included.
  • The length of the presentation should be from 4-8 minutes (not just the videos - the speaking too)!


Presentation Platform is your choice - this can be an Emaze, Haiku Deck, Prezi, etc.

The Presentation should be a supplement to the speaking portion of presentation. - in other words "You should not put everything you're going to talk about on the slides!"

  • Title Slide
  • Use slide titles, images, and short phrases of text (not paragraphs)
  • Use design tools to enhance the appearance of slides

  • Make sure to change any template background images that are distracting and/or irrelevant to topic.

  • All links should work (test them out)

  • Spelling & Grammar is superb (there are no errors)

  • Works Cited Slide

  • Includes video and or/video clips

Remember the objective is to teach us about the career you chose to research!


You will need to create a video/s to enhance the presentation.

The video can be be several short clips shown throughout the presentation or it can be one video.

The video is about your career and the aim is to demonstrate your knowledge of the career in an entertaining way.

You will primarily work on this outside of school!

A link to the videos will be included on the slides of your Presentation!

You will need to prepare and plan your video thoughtfully! (Don't wait until the last minute - it will show!)

Use the sites below to help you create an awesome video!

Movie Making Tips

Royalty Free Music/Sounds

Things to Consider

  • Include information that is relevant and well researched

  • Get organized and develop a plan (early)

  • Set up your own scripts and scenes

  • Create your own stories and sets ­rather than just using images from the Internet to demonstrate your career

    • Use your own images as much as possible

    • All videos must be of your own creation and audio content

  • Be sure the image, video, and audio content is of good quality

    • Speak loudly when recording

    • Videos edited properly

      • audio should be loud and clear

      • Images should be clear and not blurry

      • People in action should not be cut off accidentally in final video

      • Scenes should be relevant informative
      • Remember to turn your device/phone to the landscape position

  • Use props and costumes to create your own media to make an engaging informative presentation (make it as real as possible).

  • For instance if you are portraying a Real Estate Agent - think about how that person would be dressed if showing a property! - (Would he/she be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt or something more business like?)

Presenting - Speaking Elements

  • Explain information, do not read from slides

  • Demonstrate subject knowledge

  • Speak loud and clear when presenting

  • Show enthusiasm

  • Maintain eye contact w/audience

  • Good posture

  • Introduction

  • Conclusion

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What else will be taken into consideration for grading purposes?

  • Creativity

  • Audience Engagement

  • Relevance of material

  • Effort (in and out of class)

  • Test out all aspects of the presentation well before posting (to blog)

    • links, videos, within the presentation

  • Is it on time and does link to presentation work?
  • Do all the link to video/s work?
  • Have all the requirements been met?