Biography: Stefan Zivic

By: Malena V.


My partner's name is Stefan Zivic. To introduce him, he was born on June 30th 2002 in Toronto, Ontario. His parents' names are Lillianna and Zoran Zivic. Before i get into detail, Stefan's family travels a lot; they go on vacations at least twice in a year. Stefan is pretty excited about hi life so far because he travels a lot and gets to spend time with his family playing Tennis and Ping-Pong.
At the moment, Stefan lives in Mississauga, Ontario. He attends The Valleys Senior Public School. As i said earlier, Stefan travels a lot, some places he has been to are: Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Florida U.S.A, Cancun Mexico, Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica, and Serbia. Which is quite lot of places and even after going to all of those places, there is still one more place he wants to visit. That place is Las Vegas U.S.A for fun and to be able to see new things. As a child, he had many memories, one of his favourite memories being playing with his two brothers, Bojan and Dejan, and having fun.
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Apart from travelling, there is school. Stefan does not have many academic strengths, but he is good at Math and Geography. He doesn't have just strengths; he also has weaknesses like History, Language and Music. For Stefan in the future, he wants to be a Travel Guide to be able to show people all the best thing to do and see in certain travel destinations. He just is not completely decided on that yet. Although, he thinks he could be a good Travel Guide because of all the places he has travelled to and will continue travelling to.
Everyone has hobbies or something they like to do, and when it comes to Stefan, his hobbies are playing Tennis and Ping-Pong. He also recently started to do Magic and learn how to do all sorts of tricks with cards and other magic items. Stefan does not like certain traits in a person, and those traits are: liars and unorganized people. But what he looks for in a friend would be a kind, funny, and respectful person. Stefan has one main best friend from when they were very little, his name is Nikola and the met in Punta Cana at a resort and they have been good friends ever since. His friend plays for the Raptors and Stefan plays for a Tennis Club, so they are different from each other.
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To end off this presentation, Stefan Zivic is definitely an interesting person, with many abstract traits, but overall he is a fascinating person to interview. I hope you enjoyed by presentation and were able to understand more about Stefan.