Merisa's 95 Theses

95 Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend

Best friends are people you know

you don't need to talk to them every single day,

you don't even need to talk to each other for weeks, but

when you do, it's like you never stopped talking.

95 Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend

  1. She is hilarious.
  2. She always tries to open the good side of me
  3. She can teach you that there are people who care in this world.
  4. She really knows how to cheer someone up.
  5. She’s beautiful.
  6. Her and I laugh at the same things
  7. We have the same taste in music
  8. We can talk about almost anything
  9. She is very caring for the people she loves.
  10. She’s very nice to my family.
  11. She is a great dancer.
  12. She’s there for me even when I’m at school, so if something goes wrong, I just text her and I’ll feel better.
  13. She was there for me when I was in the hospital for my dad.
  14. We can be in a call for hours just laughing and having a great time.
  15. She always has confidence for me.
  16. Over the years, she has taught me how to be better of control with my life.
  17. Watching movies, TV, or videos with her is one of the best things to do.
  18. I can annoy her to death, but she still loves me greatly.
  19. Nothing can ever get boring with her.
  20. We can be upset one minute, and then laughing the next minute.
  21. The inside jokes she can make are amazing
  22. I can deeply trust her.
  23. She has always stuck up for me.
  24. We can pour our feelings onto each other without a care in the world.
  25. She gives me hope and confidence that we’re going to be best friends for a long time.
  26. We can know if one of us is okay or not.
  27. She is one of the reasons why I laugh in the middle of silence thinking of something she said was hilarious.
  28. She is one of the reasons I randomly start smiling.
  29. We can argue on and on who loves each other more.
  30. She can have the most hilarious imitations.
  31. She is very brave.
  32. She is very loyal.
  33. It feels as if I’m a part of her family.
  34. We have stated up until 5 am in a call having the time of our lives.
  35. She is always by my side when I get in trouble.
  36. Even when I tell a not funny joke, she still can laugh so hard at it.
  37. When I purposely start singing badly, it makes me laugh she sings even louder above me.
  38. My family loves her so much that they treat her like a family member.
  39. It is impossible to be away from her for even one minute
  40. She is a great hugger.
  41. She is one of the only very few people who can make me cry tears of happiness.
  42. She gives me the best advice.
  43. I love her sarcasm.
  44. If she laughs, I laugh. It she cries, I cry.
  45. She is just too amazing for words.
  46. The word “crazy” cannot be mentioned without her in it.
  47. She always knows how and when to cheer me up
  48. Waking up to talk to her is the best start to my morning
  49. Even if I make a mistake, she still shrugs it off and loves me.
  50. We can laugh about the same thing over and over and it never gets old.
  51. Her laugh is adorable.
  52. She comes up with the some of the best nicknames for me.
  53. There are some times we just stop for a second to just say “I love you”
  54. She is the most closest friend I have ever had and I waited so long for someone like her.
  55. We can sometimes playfully make fun of each other yet we still laugh hysterically.
  56. It’s impossible to ever imagine what would happen if I had never met her.
  57. When a day is horrible for me, she can make it a wonderful day in just 10 minutes.
  58. It is never boring when I’m around her.
  59. Whenever I’m extremely tired in a call with her, I always refuse to go to sleep when she tells me to, because she’s that fun to hang around with.
  60. We already made plans for summer time.
  61. She always knows how to make me smile , like she’s known how to do it before she even met me.
  62. She’s talented with a lot of things.
  63. She is incredibly smart.
  64. She pretends to be a second mother to me sometimes
  65. She is just like an older sister
  66. She is one of my role models
  67. We both have 99.9% in common
  68. Even the simplest kinds of care from her can mean the world to me.
  69. She is everything I need.
  70. Even if she turned into a turtle, I would still love her.
  71. No matter where we’re going how long it’s going to take, we’re just going to walk together and cherish every moment and second like we are now.
  72. We got scared together and screamed or laughed at horror movies.
  73. We just love to try new things to keep up entertained.
  74. We listen to the same songs over and over again.
  75. We have the style in clothing.
  76. She’s really generous
  77. It’s incredibly fun to imagine our lives when we get older.
  78. We can randomly burst out laughing in silence even when we didn’t say or do anything
  79. We love each other’s pets
  80. She is just way too perfect.
  81. She is always the first one to say happy birthday to me.
  82. When a guy treats me terrible, she’s always there to tell him off.
  83. She buys me many gifts that I love
  84. We can webcam with each other for hours.
  85. She answers all my questions even if they are dumb.
  86. She drove me all the way up to the hospital to see my mom
  87. She buys me food.
  88. She randomly comes to my house
  89. We do the craziest things together
  90. She helps me with my homework
  91. She does my hair and makeup when I’m too lazy.
  92. She always invites me places.
  93. She always shares with me
  94. She trusts me with her life
  95. If I am having problems at home, she lets me stay at her house and makes me feel better.