The U.S. Draft

Madison White

Background history of the United States draft.

  • On September 16, 1940 the United States issued the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, stating that all men between the ages of 21 to 45 are to register for the draft. (The National WWII Museum)
  • People who were selected for the draft were required to serve at least one year in the military. (The National WWII Museum)
  • By the end of the War in 1945, 50 million men between the age of 18 and 45 had registered for the draft and 10 million had been inducted into the military. (The National WWII Museum)

Could conscription be labeled as unconstitutional?

  • Regardless of the positive views people have on conscription, there are some things about it that is unfair. The draft forces people to be in the military, something not everyone would choose to do. (Jehn)
  • When people are drafted or forced to serve, they are paid lower wages than of those who employ voluntarily. (Jehn)
  • Conscription may weaken the military simply because when people join unwillingly, it lowers morale and increases discipline problems. (Jehn)

Additional Information about the U.S. Conscription

  • Although the the draft is currently not active, the Selective Service System is responsible for getting all young men to register for it. (Mount)
  • Failure in registering for the draft may result in fines and possible jail time. (Mount)
  • Some people believe we should go back to the ideal way of living where the women stayed home and the men went out to work and join the military. (Mount)
  • If a person is chosen in the draft, and they oppose the war they can testify that war is against their beliefs and religion and they may serve in a domestic service unit. (Mount)

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