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February 5, 2016

A Peek At The Week

HAPPY SNOW DAY! Due to school being cancelled today we will be celebrating the 100th day on Tuesday. I will provide the "sweet treat" and juice for this special day. Our Valentine celebration will stay the same. It will be Thursday, February 11th. Your child will not have to bring a snack either day.

We started new centers on Tuesday, which included pattern block composite shapes with recording, math number stories, a new book at the reading center, and building words at the letter center. We continue to assess the students on “Fundations” Unit #2. Our penguin research continues, we are now PENGUIN EXPERTS! Our favorites are the macaroni and the emperor penguins!

Looking Ahead

Our 100th day celebration will be on Tuesday, February 9th. Remember that the bag that went home last week should be filled with 100 small items and returned to school on Monday. Every child made a 100 day mat that will be used on Tuesday to count the items they bring to school therefore, it is imperative that your child bring in 100 items to do the math activity.

We will celebrate our friendship by exchanging Valentine’s cards on Thursday, February 11th. Your child can bring in cards for each child in the class. Please have your child sign his/her name on the card and leave the envelope blank. Your child does not need to put their classmate’s names on the envelope because that makes delivery difficult for the students. We have 20 students in the class. If your child wants to give a card to a student in another class we will help them deliver it. Cards can be brought to school on Monday. I will supply the treats for our celebration but we could use some assistance with paper plates and napkins. If you are able to help, please let me know.

Next week we will read and discuss the lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The children will learn who they were and why they are important to our country’s history, not just for the President’s Day sales.

Reminders and Sugesstions

  • February 9th, 100 day of school
  • If your child has not brought in their 100 things, please have him/her bring them in on Monday.
  • Please check the magic book every night and remove all completed work.
  • Review the monthly menu, some students are having difficulty ordering lunch.
  • February 11th, Valentine celebration.
  • February 15-19, winter vacation.
  • Special request: If anyone has any Gerber baby food containers we would appreciate your help in adding them to classroom supply. We use them to hold many of our small math manipulatives. Thank you in advance for your help.
  • Please have your child wear sneakers on Mondays and Fridays.

Enjoy the weekend,

Diane Tourangeau

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