Civil Rights

What would today look like without them?

Did the Civil Rights movement really bring more justice and equality to the United States?

The civil rights movement forever effected, Tradition,Behaviors, and Outlook for the entire nation of the United States. Therefore it is helpful to know the different kinds of strategies used, and plans that were made in order to gain these civil liberties. Along with that information comes the fact that people of 2016 are much more accepting of race, gender roles, women opinions and many other previously controversial topics.

Some of the various tactics/plans used for the movment.

Boycotts became much more prevalent. Non-violent protest was the goal. The ideal was civil disobedience, if people brake unjust law while not threatening they could gain power. If you could shame the enemy, and prove what the government was doing wrong possibly people will join your cause and change everything!

Marches are another method commonly used during the civil rights movement. These marches led to important places for example the Washington Monument. Were the infamous ¨i have a dream¨ speech was given. A majority of marches we cut short do to severely brutal beatings from cops whom did not agree with various beliefs.

On the flip side there were leaders such as Malcolm X whom took a very aggressive stand point. He influenced his followers to retaliate when treated wrongfully. This led to many more beatings and much more violence during speeches and meetings. Also this made it much more difficult to make a good impression.

The Top 5 Events!

  1. The March on Washington-- Is the top event being the day of the infamous "i have a dream" speech. This event held almost 200,000 blacks and whites at the Washington Monument.
  2. Selma to Montgomery-- This march was to help gain the right for blacks to vote. Also this march was re-attempted 3 times, following brutal beatings and stoppage at the Edmund Pettus bridge.
  3. 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing-- This racially motivated terrorist act by the Ku Klux Klan showed people that whites are "evil" too.This event could not be ignored this now showed how racial issues were causing very powerful demonstrations.
  4. Birmingham Alabama 1963-- Martin Luther King Jr. led a peaceful protest to break segregation laws. Followed by vicious fire hose, police dog, and baton attacks. MLK was also jailed in which he wrote "letter from Birmingham jail."
  5. The Albany movement-- This meeting declared a huge loss for MLK this set up some doubt for his success. Yet through this he continued to hold further meetings and prevail.

The Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan first branch was mostly a group of ex. confederate soldiers starting in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866. This group became a violent activist group rebelling against radical Reconstruction policies . Therefor attacking many immigrants and later African-Americans. This group maintained its name through marches and rally's yet, they really made a "contribution" by setting up the 16th street church bombing in which they bombed a black church to make an impression. Yet this outraged many and showed the true colors of supremacy which greatly helped to actually gain rights.

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

This group was founded in Chicago March,1942. There were many founders to the group such as James l. Farmer Jr.,George Houser, James R. Robinson, Samuel E. Riley, Bernice Fisher, Homer Jack, and Joe Guinn. This group was established in order to change inequality in the U.S, and to be the people to contact if Rally's and Marches needed to be organized on a large scale.This group made huge contributions such as desegregating schools in Chicago. To organizing the famous March on Washington.