3 Benefits to the keystone XL

The Firs Reason

the keystone pipe line will create about 9,000 jobs fro Americans who are struggling and giving them time to find a more permanent job so they wont have worries about financial problems in their life time also allowing their children to have tings that they could not have and most importantly allowing them to give their child an education
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I can carry 830,000 barrels a day

the key stone pipe line is designed to carry 830,000 this is can support may industries and giving us more power as a whole and giving us energy independence which is very important for us so we can manufacture more and in the long run make a prophet
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We depend on other for oil way to much

currently the united states relies on imports for 45% of our oil demands and if we don't do anything about it it will only go up and eventually depend 100 percent in other places for our oil demand and if we con struct the key stone pipe line now we will most likely make money in the long run but also we wont have to depend on others for our oil