Some reasons I think we shouldn't revive extinct animals...

So, why shouldn't we bring back extinct animals?

There are reasons why animals have gone extinct. Many times it is because of other animals, or because of the animal running out of food. So even if you were to bring an animal back, they would probably go extinct again for the same reasons. And then, all of the money you spent trying to revive that animal would be wasted, when you could have spent that money on protecting endangered animals. Extinct animals are a reminder of why we have to be so careful with the animals that are still alive, because one day, they might not even be there.

Now, you might be asking "Why not bring back animals that we killed?"

This is a very good question. I mean, we killed the animal, so we should revive it so that it has another chance to live. But I think that our chance has already passed to save these animals that no longer exist. So we should learn from our mistakes, and protect the animals that are endangered now, to make sure that this doesn't happen to them.

Some of our endangered species...

So instead of trying to bring back animals that are no longer here, help save the animals that are alive and need our help.