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"Cuba ought to be free and independent, and the government should be turned over to the Cuban people." William McKinle

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Dubuque, IA

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"This movies is so good, makes me see how powerful America is"

"Makes me be PROUD to be an American"

Essay Question

I think that this is a great movie for anybody wanting to learn about American history. This is probably one of the best wars we have ever fought and for once America came out to be the good people in this war because they were helping another country that was getting hurt and conquered by one of the most powerful countries in the world and for the United States to come out and gain the respect they needed and truly wanted from everyone in the the world, plus the Freedom for Cuba is probably the greatest feeling of success in us.

One of the famous leaders in Manila day would have to be Dewey especially when he realized that he didn't want to go in, what was called the hornets nest and got us the victory against the Spanish with having a loopy attack and ending with only one casualty that wasn't even caused by him getting killed. Another important leader would have to be Shafter And Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders which they all managed to attack this hill and get the victory as will in the Battle of San Juan Hill.

The outcomes of the war was that we won meaning we got Cuba their freedom and also gained sugar from them. We also gained Hawaii which could be were we get our tropical fruits and oil, We got Puerto Rico which is also just a beautiful place. We also gained Guam and Wake islands, which is good to have. And with that we also gained the Philippine islands which got us rubber and nothing. But overall we gained RESPECT which is what we have always wanted.

Overall this war is very important because we helped some country that needed it, and it made us seem like we were these amazing people when really we were doing it because we were in look for resources which Cuba did have that seemed to be sugar. But the reason this is so important is because for once we finally got respect, after the Cilvil war had ruined that for us we were finally respected by the whole world!