September Newsletter

Ms. Marshall's Pre-K

Illnesses and Absenses

A note from our nurse:

Please do not forget the MISD rule regarding illnesses. Students need to be fever, vomiting, and diarrhea FREE for a FULL 24 hrs AT HOME WITHOUT the use of medications to control those symptoms (like Tylenol/Motrin/Pepto etc.)

If your child is absent, please send a note via email or folder the first day s/he is back at school.

Yellow Day- Wear a Yellow Shirt or other piece of clothing!

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 7:30am

500 Dowell Street

McKinney, TX

Everyday Items

Please make sure your child has their backpack, folder and ID badge every day. Please check their folder daily for new papers and remove them from the backpack. If you have a note for us, please put it in the folder so we can find it easily. We DO NOT check backpacks every day, just folders.

Ms. Marshall and Ms. Duran

Ms. Marshall lives in McKinney, Texas. She has 3 children (1 daughter and 2 boys). Her daughter goes to University of Arkansas which is why she is a Razorback fan. Her two sons go to school at McKinney Boyd High School. She has 4 dogs. At night, Ms. Marshall works at Chili's Restaurant.

Ms. Duran lives in Celina, Texas. She has 3 sons and a loving husband. Her youngest son goes to McKinney North. Ms. Duran has 2 dogs and likes to camp, cook and play games.

Library Days!

We will be going to the library on Wednesdays! Please return all library books on Wednesday mornings so we can check out new books. Please keep library books safe from food, drinks, pets and younger children. Thanks!
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Family Unit:

We will be doing a unit in September on families. The unit will answer the question "How are Families the Same and Different?" Please help us by filling out the family questionnaire that will be sent home about things your family likes to do and celebrate. In addition, I would like each family to film a short video on your phone (1-2 minutes) showing your home, family, pets, and something special about your family. Your something special might be about your religion, things you like to do or things your family likes to eat! We want the students to see how other families live and know that even though we are all different in some ways, we are the same in others. Please email your video to me at

Lawson Garden

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