Batman V Superman by Liz Marsham

Smore by Ashlyn Smeltzer


Yes, Batman V Superman was a good book, but I do believe the characters and the places they live in do have some flaws. Superman, man of steel, is suppose to save the day, right? Well, many cases he does, but at what cost? In the various battles Superman has had, he has taken them right to Metropolis. As said in the book, a group of kryptonian villains escaped the destruction of Krypton, and wanted to take over the earth. The villains took it to the heart of Metropolis, leading Superman to save the day. But, Superman also causes major damage while doing this like I said. Batman is at fault, too. High tech gadgets can lead to serious damage to the city, its people, and even himself. Below are pictures and examples. Click the links to go to them.

I recommend you read this book!

Even though the book has some flaws, it doesn't mean you shouldn't read it, especially all you superhero fanatics out there! This story tells the reader much detail on both Superman and Batman, about their lives, their home, where they came from, you name it and its most likely in there! if you choose not to read this book, you may miss out on some of the information in the book about the caped crusader and the man of steel as they dive deep into a mystery unsolved.

Plot & Setting

The plots of this book go from place to place. Some chapters are plotted in the batcave, while others are plotted on the planet Krypton. The settings of this book also varies, from out on the streets of Gotham to the allies of Metropolis.


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