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August 2022

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Upcoming Trainings for School Improvement

School Improvement ratings will be released on August 15th. TEA is saying at this time that all Comprehensive campuses and campuses that received the ESF-Focused Support Grant will be required to complete a TIP and formally submit/follow the intervention timeline and engage with a TEA specialist/ESC Specialist.

Campuses that are Additional Targeted, Targeted, D or F (Not Rated) will be required to complete a TIP (template of their choosing) and retain it locally.

This information should come out in a TAA and be posted on the TEA website with submission schedules mid-month.

We are offering opportunities for training for new and returning DCSIs and admin teams in August for you to refresh or learn the process.

August 23rd-24th-#489570 (new to the role)

August 25th- #489599 (abbreviated session for returners)

August 29th- #489601 (abbreviated session for returners)

August 30th-31st- #489571 (new to the role)

Final 2022 College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) Student Listing

The Final 2022 CCMR Student Listing will be released in the TEA Login Accountability application on Friday, July 29.

This final listing contains the 2022 CCMR data for 2020–21 annual graduates and 2020–21 non-graduating 12th graders, including applicable corrections submitted and approved through the CCMR Verifier. These data will be used to calculate the College, Career, and Military Readiness components for 2022 accountability ratings.

2023 Accountability System (Growth)

TEA stated in their July 8th TAA that:

Due to the redesign of the reading language arts (RLA) STAAR, the inclusion of new item types in mathematics, the shift to a fully online assessment system, and required standard setting and validation processes, STAAR Progress Measures will NOT be calculated for 2022–23.

It is important that you realize that TEA is still planning to calculate growth for 2023 accountability. Please pay careful attention to the preliminary 2023 Academic Accountability System Framework Document and planning materials. Beginning in 2023, academic accountability growth measures WILL use a transition table model instead of the STAAR Progress Measure, as detailed in the Preliminary 2023 Academic Accountability System Framework.

Student-level gain score STAAR Progress Measures are anticipated to return in 2024 and be reported in STAAR data files and on STAAR Report Cards. To learn more, view the complete STAAR Progress Measures in 2023 document.

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ESF Diagnostics

The ESC will be offering diagnostics through 3 pathways this year.

1. Some campuses engaged in school improvement interventions will be required to have a diagnostic if they have not had one in the past 3 years (we will be contacting you in the fall if this is the case)

2. If you have some areas of concern and are not sure where to focus your efforts let us come and use the tools within the Effective School Framework to pinpoint the most essential actions to leverage ($5,000 cost).

3. Same as number 2; however, you can engage in a free diagnostic with the caveat that you will be required to in engaging in Texas Instructional Leadership with our team at an additional cost.

If you are interested in finding out more about the diagnostic process or would like to know more about Texas Instructional Leadership please contact our team, our information is at the bottom of the smore.

A-F Knowledge Base and FAQ Widget

Performance Reporting created a Knowledge Base that houses over one hundred accountability-related questions and answers. Users can either browse by topic by selecting the "Accountability Topics" option in the top right corner or enter a keyword to find related FAQs. Users can also view FAQs by scrolling the main page and navigating through the top-rated, most viewed, and newly published sections.

An FAQ widget has been added to the bottom right corner of our 2022 Accountability Rating System and Performance Reporting Resources webpages! The widget allows users to easily search accountability FAQs pulled directly from the Knowledge Base. When searching for an FAQ using the widget, users should use full words. For instance, if a user is searching for "growth," the entire word "growth" needs to be entered. Entering a partial word will not return any results.

Performance Reporting Calendar

August 5: Adopted 2022 Accountability Manual published in the Texas Register

August 8: Accountability student listings released in TEAL

August 12: Accountability ratings, reports, and data tables released in TEAL

August 12: Accountability rating appeals window opens in TEAL

August 15:Accountability ratings released publicly

September 12: Accountability rating appeals window closes in TEAL

Fall 2022: 2023 accountability system targets and cut points released

August 2023: Accountability ratings under the reset system released

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Data Tools features six powerful Analytic Tools that allow users to examine and manipulate various accountability system data. Users can view data visualizations, filter, sort, export, and much more.

You can also compare specific data across campuses or districts on the Comparison tool.

Let's Get Together for Coffee Talk

A monthly forum where campus leaders can come together and discuss hot topics in campus leadership and instructional practices. Join our School Success team as we work to assist campus leaders in navigating the world of instructional leadership and support each other in a collegial network.

ESC 18 Support

If you are looking for some great support for your campus or district we are here for you at Region 18. All you have to do is put in a professional development request and our staff will work with you to create a support plan specifically for you.


We have announced the following webinars for our different cohorts:

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