The 2B Times

Issue 10 - February 12, 2016

Dear 2B Families,

We'd like to thank the parents who joined us on our field trip to the Drawing Center last week. It is always nice to have parents involved and we enjoyed how the trip connected with the sign and symbol representations that we talk about in Inquiry. We'd also like to thank parents who have donated books and other goodies to our classroom, we really appreciate your help in In addition to our field trip, the Gritty Geckos attended a first whole-school Town Hall meeting! We enjoyed seeing everyone in the school and look forward to our next one coming up soon!

  • In Literacy, we have begun the writing process of our All About books! We are working on how to organize the notes we took from our research so that our readers can better understand our topic. For example, we will ask ourselves “Does it make sense to talk about the types of lizards first or lizard’s body parts first?” While writing, we are also thinking about adding nonfiction text features, such as an appropriate heading for the section or important keywords that need to be defined for our readers. We will continue to work hard on forming our All About Books when we return from the break.
  • Interclass Math Block has picked up steam as our scholars are exploring different strategies with different teachers. Our students have been put in rooms with teachers who have similar learning styles and preferences in order to meet our students' needs. We have matriculated through this unit and wrapped it up by emphasizing the different strategies we can use to solve addition and subtraction problems. Some strategies are HTO chart (place value disk and base 10 blocks), compensation, constant difference, number line, and tape diagram. Please take a look at how some of these strategies are used in the pictures below.
  • In Inquiry, we are exploring not only about how communication for people have changed over time but we are also interested in finding out about how animals communicate. We’ve already brainstormed some animals that we’d like to learn about, including birds, ants, elephants, wolves, etc. When we return from the break, we will delve into learning about how animals communicate and how some types can even communicate through sign language!

Important Announcements:

  • Monday, 2/15 to Friday, 2/19 - Mid-Winter Recess: No School
  • Saturday, 3/12 - BPCS Spring Gala
  • Wednesday, 3/23 - Winter Curriculum Share
  • Thursday, 3/24 - BPCS Pajama Day
  • Friday, 3/25 - Good Friday: No School
  • Wednesday, 3/30 - Friday, 4/1 - Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, 4/1 - No School
  • Homework: Homework 18 is optional. Please have students try some pages during the week. This homework will not be collected. When completing homework, please remind students to write their name and in complete sentences when answering questions.

2nd Grade Trick Words

Here are the Trick Words that we worked on so far in Second Grade. Please support your child in consistently spelling trick words correctly by having them double check their spelling in their homework!

answer, different, think, again, house

through, around, picture, change, learn

large, small animal, right, left

place, most, sound, follow, means

idea, important, world, high, excited

below, school, hear, earth, eyes

thought, story, while, along, close

something, seem, example, begin, began

lose, life, paper, group, often

Mr. Hicks as Coach Hick

As some of you may know, Coach Hicks is also the assistant varsity coach of The Benjamin Banneker Warriors Varsity team. Our varsity team made the playoffs with a 16-1 record in league play and a 18-4 record overall. We are excited to pursue an ‘A’ division New York City championship. Please visit this link for more information on our upcoming playoff schedule which will be posted on February 16th.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We didn't have a celebration but we still took some time to exchange cards and say "Happy Valentine's Day" to each other and we LOVED it! (Please note - they did not have any sweets, they were just really excited :)
Big image

DANCE with Ms. Siby

2nd Grade dancers have sprung into their new dance unit, by exploring the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. Starting with creating partnering dances, using actual magnets, and culminating in explosive duets inspired by the virtuosic dancing in the acclaimed Lindy Hop choreography, Hellzapoppin!

Please view clips of the video that ignited our creativity, photos that inspired our choreography and pictures of our very own dances. Enjoy!

POD en Español!!

Are you ready to hear the new news—the new Spanish? Ok, 2B is doing POD in Spanish! ¡Sí, en español! ¿Qué, qué? It has been very delightful to see 2B growing and accepting the language in different and challenging ways. I want to say: we are great RISK-TAKERS! During our Spanish POD 2A moved from different stations (15 min each) that consisted of reading, writing, art, Bingo, and Rosado (Spelling game!). We are practicing our writing in Spanish a lot! We made post cards for our secret friends! Shhh… secreto. Hoy viernes 12 de febrero de 2016 we celebrate el día del Amor y la Amistad, (or día de San Valentín) by decoding Rosado Love Letter!!! ¿Qué, qué?

Thanks for all the support in our Spanish process. Please continue practicing at home by singing, speaking, reading and now WRITING in Spanish!


Ms. Rosado

¡Feliz día de San Valentin!

Spanish Love Letter - Decoding!!!

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

The Gritty Gecko Physicists have really enjoyed the physics concepts they've been studying lately. They recently learned that the center of gravity is the part of an object where the most mass is concentrated, resulting in a stable and balanced center. As a tangible real-life example, we practiced “subway surfing,” or bracing ourselves as though we were standing in a moving, jerking subway car with no pole to hold onto! Through this, students made the connection that having a center of gravity low to the ground resulted in more balance and stability. Nearpod Thursday continues on in a modified form: Students watch a Nearpod presentation, which ends with directions for a hands-on lab, and then they go off and do the lab (either in partnerships or in groups). Students have done a friction lab involving race cars; a center of gravity lab involving paper skyscrapers; and a magnetism challenge involving all the school’s paper clips, and many more. Reminder! Follow Ms. Rosabal on Instagram @rosabal_the_science_pal for more regular, up-to-the-minute reporting on what’s happening in the Science / Art Studio Lab.