Digital Dossier

How much do you think your digital dossier is in this point?

What is Digital Dossier?

Digital dossier is records of what you do on the internet that saves within with your IP address. Your digital dossier can start even before you born. Yes your right! It can start by your parents starting an post that talk about their baby or they can even start a blog that talks about your parents story when they had you in their tummy.

Your Digital Dossier

From the topic above, I had explained what Digital dossier is. Since your record of Digital dossier starts even before you are born, how much do you think your Digital dossier is at this point? I think mine is about big as a whole library since I don't live one day without using computer, phone or tablet.

Time to Time

As the time goes your digital dossier will only grow. At the end of your life you won't even be able to calculate how mow much Digital dossier you have then.