Tison Roo News 2015-16

Week of May 2-6

Welcome to the weekly newsletter for Tison Middle School! The goal for this newsletter is to provide information on Tison programs, activities, and events for students, parents, and our community.


Monday, May 2 -- Tison NJHS Banquet @ 6:30 PM in the cafeteria

Tuesday, May 3 -- ALGEBRA EOC / Tison Groundbreaking @ 4:15 PM

Wednesday, May 4 -- College Shirt Day

Thursday, May 5 -- SPIRIT DAY: TBT Thursday...wear a shirt or outfit from the past!

Monday, May 9 -- STAAR 7th Grade MATH & 8th Grade Math Retest

Tuesday, May 10 -- STAAR 7th Grade READING & 8th Grade Reading Retest

Wednesday, May 11 -- STAAR 8th Grade SCIENCE

Thursday, May 12 -- STAAR 8th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES

Friday, May 13 -- SIX FLAGS TRIP (for Tison Choir students) / ROO FEST

Monday, May 16 -- Tison "Joey" Awards @ 6 PM in the cafeteria

Thursday, May 18 -- Tison Library "25 Book Challenge" Celebration @ 3:35 PM to 4:15 in library


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FC Tison (intramural soccer league) games (weather permitting) will take place on the Tison practice field.

Game Schedule for Tuesday, May 3rd:


4:00 PM

Field 1: Krazy Kangaroos VS Low Riders

Field 2: The Weekslays VS Rainbow Trouts

Field 3: Beast Mode VS The Space Monkeyz

4:50 PM

Field 1: The Soccer 7 VS Purple Savages

Field 2: Strikers VS Texas Ambush

Field 3: #Goals VS Blue Crush

Game Schedule for Thursday, May 5th:


4:00 PM

Field 1: Boys RANK 5 vs Boys RANK 6

Field 2: Girls RANK 5 vs Girls RANK 6

Field 3: Girls RANK 2 vs Girls RANK 3

4:50 PM

Field 1: Boys RANK 1 vs Boys RANK 4

Field 2: Girls RANK 1 vs Girls RANK 4

Field 3: Boys RANK 2 vs Boys RANK 3


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"Game-Changers" is a mentoring program -- it will have a meeting this coming Monday, May 2nd at 6:30 PM in the Tison Library. if you have any questions, please email the Tison Counselor at gward@weatherfordisd.com (Gwen Ward).

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Summer is a great time to relax and read! It's important for students to continue reading throughout summer as studies show that reading and getting involved in other learning activities can help prevent "the summer slide".


1) Participate in the Weatherford Public Library Summer Reading Program for Teens (check their website closer to summer for more information: http://www.weatherfordtx.gov/142/Library)

2) Download the free Brytewave K-12 app and download the e-books and digital audio books available from the Tison Library -- students should get help from Mrs. Greer when setting up the Brytewave K-12 app for the first time.

3) Participate in the SYNC 2016 program! SYNC 2016 is a free summer audio book program for teens 13 and up. SYNC 2016 will give away 30 titles - two paired audio book downloads a week - starting on May 5th! To find out more information, including how to get weekly alerts, what books will be given away, and how to download them go to: http://audiobooksync.com/


Summer is quickly approaching and volleyball season will be here before you know it! We have lots of dates coming up for summer camps, open gyms, summer leagues, etc.

Attached is our parent letter outlining events offered per grade, our summer camp flyers for WISD camp June 6-8 and Team camp July 14-16, summer league information, and dates and times for open gym. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me! Go Roos!

Coach Gonzales (ngonzales@weatherfordisd.com)

Head Volleyball

Weatherford High School


McKenna Buchfink, 8TH GRADER

McKenna was nominated by one of her teachers because she just has a great attitude and is involved in quite a few school activities - she's always willing to help! In order to get to know McKenna better, she completed a "20 Questions in 60 Seconds" questionnaire. Below are her answers:

1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?


2. Do you have any pets?

mona and curly

3. If you could have the perfect birthday party, what would it be?

horseback riding

4. What is your favorite food?


5. What is your favorite kind of candy?

kit kat

6. What is your favorite color?


7. What is your favorite zoo animal?


8. What do you want to be when you get older?

pro soccer player because i love soccer

9. What is one thing you don't know how to do that you wish you did?

ice skate

10. What is your favorite thing to study at school?


11. What do you like to do for fun?

play sports

12. Do you prefer to spend your time inside or outside?


13. What do you like to do as soon as you get home from school?

eat a snack

14. What is your favorite TV show?

chopped because i get to learn different types of food

15. What is your favorite movie? Why?

maze runner because it is scary and funny

16. What is the best toy that you ever had?

soccer ball

17. What is your favorite restaurant?

eskimo joes

18. Who has the best kids' meal toys right now?


19. What is your favorite book?

red queen

20. What is your favorite video game?

surfs up


Just search for and then "follow" the following:

@tisonprincipal (Principal, Carrie Harrison)

@WeatherfordDad (Assistant Principal, Trace Craft)

@LisaEdmunds (Assistant Principal, Lisa Edmunds)

@1LBaird (Keyboarding teacher, Laura Baird)

@belledirector (Tison All Stars/WHS Blue Belles Director, Laura Buckner)

@MrsFentonTMS (7th grade Math & yearbook teacher, Leslie Fenton)

@Profe_Ferrell (Spanish teacher & NJHS co-sponsor, Kym Ferrell)

@mrsafowler (Texas History teacher, Amanda Fowler)

@coachgommert (7th grade Science teacher & coach, Colton Gommert)

@tisonlibrary (Librarian, Leah Greer)

@MharrisScience (7th grade Science teacher, Melissa Harris)

@AndreaHayward3 (8th grade Math teacher, Andrea Hayward)

@KerfootSylvia (STACI aide, Sylvia Kerfoot)

@ErinLight3 (7th grade ELA teacher & Tennis coach, Erin Light)

@SimplyDramaStac (Theater Arts teacher, Stacey Mitchell)

@wmohr8 (8th grade Math teacher, Wendy Mohr)

@mattnovikoff (Inclusion/Math Resource Teacher, Matt Novikoff)

@stpatterson11 (8th grade ELA teacher & cheerleading sponsor)

@smilesas8 (8th grade Science teacher, Sally Scott)

@ToniScience (8th grade Science teacher & NJHS co-sponsor, Toni Smith)