What I learned & grew on

Strategic Reading

Books Read this year

Annotating growth

Throught out the semester of Strategic Reading I learned more about annotating, at first I thought that annotating was just about underlining important facts but I was wrong. Annotating was about underlining any words you dont know or underlining something and writting about it. I know take pretty good annotations on articles comparing it from the beggining of the year.

Vocabulary growth

My vocabulary got better I got to know more words that I didn't know before, and much of their meanings. I now know even more vocabulary that I've seen before but I never really bothered to look up the meaning or try to figure out what they mean. Now when I don't know any words I see in books or anywhere I try to get a picture in my head of the meaning or I look it up.


The period, the question mark, and the exclamation point are used when showing a pause or a stop in a sentence.An interrupted sentence may end with an em dash (—), or a sentence that trails off may end with an ellipsis (. . .). The Colon are used for when using a list or when using tittles or subtittles. Semicolons are used to connect transitional words and phrases within a sentence.
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Books I'm looking foward to reading

I am looking forward to reading books that are a little more of a challenge. More into reading more books than I've read this year. Take a challenge, and read more than three books.