News from the Library @LTAF

December 2012

How Green Are We, Locust Trace?

Have you looked in our trash cans lately? What about those blue recycling container in our rooms? Raise your hand if you think we can do better. If your hand's up, you are just the teacher I want to work with.

I'm looking for a class or classes to participate in a rigorous and relevant project next semester that focuses on helping our student body become more environmentally conscious. Through this project-based unit, students will address real-world environmental issues, conduct 1st-hand investigations, and create a product to share with our student body. The unit will embed your course's Common Core reading and writing standards for literacy in technical subjects.

Translation: Let's get students interested in being green. Let's allow students to explore their interests. Let's educate the rest of the student body about living lightly upon the land. And, let's have fun!!!! See Mrs. Reed to be part of this exciting project.

Web 2.0 in the Classroom

Each day our students tweet, update a status on Facebook, and post pictures to Instagram. Most of them text, FaceTime, and Skype instead of talking on the phone. Their world is infused with electronic messages, images and sounds. Let's play into this to engage them in the classroom.

Alternatives to PowerPoint and Poster Boards:

Prezi, Smore, Glogster

Let me know when you are ready to use one with your students. I'll get you set up and teach your students how to use the software. They are really user friendly!