By Mason Adams

The Birth of Michelangelo

He was born on March 6, 1475 in Florence

Spending his life

He lived in florence when he was younger but when he grew up he moved to Rome to chase his dreams of being a artist

Education And Training

He trained in painting and sculpting. He did this because his father was a sculptor


He had a rough childhood, his mother died when he was six years old who mostly took care of him. He moved out of home from his father when he was seven-teen years old.


Michelangelo's patrons were Lorenzo De'Medic, Pope Julius II, Pope Clement VII.
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The Crucifixion

Crucifixion Creation

It was created in1566 in Rome

Were can you see it today

You can see it in the Metropolitan museum. You can not see it in any big time published books for now but some tim in the future

Significant about piece, what new techniques

It was attributed to Nicolas Beatrizet. No new techniques were used in the creation.

What do I find Interesting

What I find interesting is the is the guy rising off the cross. It looks like it is showing he is rising above religion and moving into the humanistic era.

Representing an ism

This is humanistic because it seems that a man is the main rather than religion.


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