Conserve the Reef's Natural Beauty!

The fish are begging for your help!

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Do you know why the Corals and Fish die?

Well it's because the Crown of Thorns, the biggest starfish in the world, have been eating the corals. Can't you see?! The beautiful corals and fish are dying and we are just sitting back and watching it happen in front of our eyes! BUT...there is a solution! We must start to do something about this major issue that is seeing our coral reef slowly disappear.

Climate change is the biggest threat!

Climate change affects the Great Barrier Reef's future in a significant way. In fact, it is already affecting the reef and it's very likely to have far more reaching consequences in the decades to come. Researchers have shown that if water temperatures increase to a certain point, sea creatures may suffocate and die. This is due to the fish scale they are not use to the hot water. They can breathe in cold water perfectly. Hot water is to thick for the fish to breathe in that's why they die.

Pollution is the second terrible threat to the Great Barrier Reef!

Pollution is a major impact on health to the reef. It affects the marine life in the Great Barrier Reef. The Crown of Thorns starfish are responsible for 40% of the loss, as they often eat the coral and spit out the left overs. How rude?! That means no one will visit the Reef! Can you imagine a magnifient place on Earth, with its natural beauty glowing across the coastal reef, without a single visitor?


Would you still like to see The Great Barrier Reef exist in 10 or 20 years time?

Don't fish, don't treat the reef badly and especially DON'T POLLUTE!!!

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