Niah Parker

What was the change ?

The Renaissance was from 1300-1600. it started in italy and large city-states grew because of trade. Also renaissance focused on the expansion and art of learning,but it was a rebirth of revival of art and learning from the culture of greece and rome. ( AkA classical )

Who were the people associated with the change ?

There were three men associated with the change. The tre men were Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci , and Dante. Michelangelo was from 1475-1564, he was known for portraying the human body in painting and sculpting. His two best work of arts were the sistine chapel and statue of david. leonardo was from 1452-1519, some of the things he did was painting,inventing,sculpting, and a scientists. Only 17 of his paintings survived. But one of his most famous paintings was the Mona Lisa. Dante alighieri was know for being a philosopher, scholar , and poet. He was really know for the epic poem The Devine comedy.

How did the change impact the society at the time?

The Renaissance really did impacted society. It was the period of time when people were starting to break away from the Medieval times. Modern inventions were being made to make life easier. It provided more art for people, they developed new techniques and skills. In the late renaissance artists were no longer thought of as tradesmen.

How is that change evidence in todays modern society?

The renaissance was fairly important to the modern world. The renaissance caused people to have a more scientific view of the world. People began to expand their minds and rely more on science to explain views. Art expanded and new technology was created. The renaissance inspired many diffrent kinds of music, poems, and paintings.It also changed the way people thought about things.