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Recreation and Entertainment

Some fun stuff to do outside in Mississippi is you can enter in a sand sculpture contest each year in September. If you just want to cool of there's a lot of forests beaches, rivers and lakes. You can also swim and fish in the Gulf of Mexico. If you want a peaceful canoe ride you can go down the Mississippi River. Farming and growing are things you could also do there. If you want to see historical things you can go see forts and civil war battlefields. Another thing can see is the Delta Blues Festival in Greenville. If you're more of a outside person, you can dance in an Antellun home. An Antellun home is a fancy place where people dance. You can go to the Corinth Northeast Mississippi Museum. You can also go to the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum.
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At 10,000 B.C. the first people reached Mississippi. In 1719 the french brought the first black slaves to Mississippi. In 1798 the United States made Mississippi a territory. During 1817 Mississippi becomes the 20th state. In 1840 the Great Natchez tornado killed more than people. During 1861-65 Mississippi sends more than 78,000 men and women to fight in the Civil War. During the Civil War there was about 300 battles in Mississippi. In 1865 the war ends and southern slaves are freed in 1870. In 1917 about 65,000 Mississippians help win WWI. A huge flood forces about 200,000 people to leave the Delta area in 1927. Mississippi has fought in many wars and gone through a lot of struggle!
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Mississippi has about 48,434 square miles. Mississippi borders the Gulf of Mexico. Four states border Mississippi (Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee). Mississippi has low mountains, hills, and prairies. Mississippi has a warm climate from a raing form 33to92 degrees F. The delta region receives about 50 inch of rain each year. Some main rivers include the Mississippi River, the Yazoo River, and the Big Black River. Some gulf island include cat island and horn island. Alluvial plains cover the northwest part of Mississippi. Pine hills cover all of Southern Mississippi. Loblolly and longleaf pine trees grow in Mississippi. Cotton and soybeans grow well in delta soil. Mississippi stands 806 feet above sea level. Summer are warm from the upper 60's into the low 90's.During January the temperature ranges from the low 30's to the high 50's.

Fun Facts

Mississippi's state animal is a white-tailed deer. One of Mississippi's many nicknames is the Eagle State. Mississippi's state tree is a Magnolia tree. The Mississippi state song is "Go Mississippi". Mississippi's state flower is the magnolia blossom, which comes from a magnolia tree. Mississippi's coldest recorded temperature was 19 degrees. The hottest recorded temperature in Mississippi was 115 degrees. Mississippi state beverage is milk! Mississippi's state butterfly is the spicebush swallowtail. Mississippi's snow is rare, but does occur. In Mississippi, the world's largest shrimp is on display. The international checkers hall of fame is in petal, Mississippi root beer was invented in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1898.
Mississippi Tourism