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Celebrate your love of teaching with @Mr_Abud

Valentine Week Teacher Challenge

Check out Gary Abud's blog post, challenging educators to share their love of teaching.


#MichED #Loveteaching

Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 7:15pm

This is an online event.

There are 4 planned meeting places for the #MichEd chat this week, as well as a digital streaming chat from @michedlive.

  1. Grand Rapids Area: Biggby Coffee: 5795 Byron Ctr Ave Sw, Ste A, Wyoming, MI 49519. Contact person: @bushjms
  2. Warren Education Association Office 13969 Plumbrook Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48312 . Contact person @blocht574
  3. St. Clair (not the shores!): Sue's Coffee House St. Clair Riverview Plaza, 201 North Riverside Avenue, St. Clair, MI 48079 Contact: @RMWynkoop
  4. Boyne City: TBA Contact:@erinmastin

If you want add a location contact Rachelle @RMWynkoop


Celebrate your love of teaching with 2014 Michigan TOY Mr. Gary Abud (@Mr_Abud). Start conversations at meeting places between 7:15 -8:00. Join the #MichED Twitter chat from 8-9. Chat will include a live streaming conversation with @MichEDLive.

Chat Questions

Please note: questions are not timed this evening. Discussion will dictate when next question is released and how many we actually use.

  1. What is/are your top reason/s that you #LoveTeaching?

  2. What makes a great teacher so memorable?

  3. What are the most compelling reasons for someone to go into the teaching profession?

  4. How can teachers best overcome the mid-year slump, or rekindle their passion, and persevere in their work?

  5. How were you inspired to become an educator?

  6. "What steps can someone take tomorrow to spread the #LoveTeaching message in their schools?