John Cabot

Nate T

Background of John Cabot

John Cabot was a merchant in Venice Italy. He was a skilled navigator who wanted to explore he world. He was also curious to find where the spices were coming from that the English were trading. So in 1497 he sailed west to Asia. But he did not end up in Asia he sailed to America.

Imortant Events

  • He became an explorer in 1496
  • He sailed west to America in 1497
  • Discovered a new continent (America)
  • Opened a route for English to settle in America

What John Cabt Was Famous For

John Cabot was famous for discovering north America in 1498. He opened a route for English to settle in America. He was also famous for becoming A explorer in 1496.

The End

He sadly passed away trying to discover more of America.