For Your Consideration

Taylor Bates for RHA President

Why Taylor supports the BSM

Taylor Bates has fought hard for two key RHA grant requests benefiting the black student movement - the MLK week of service and the Dr. Cornell West talk. In both scenarios, Taylor was one of the few governors to speak in favor of granting the full amount of money to the organizations at hand. Taylor feels like RHA's grant request process needs reform that could benefit BSM in the future.

We funded a game of Clue more than the MLK day of service?

Taylor Bates of Craige was one of the few governors, along with Odum Village, to support granting the MLK day of Service its full $1,500 requested grant (Bates also supported the full $3000 for the Cornell West grant request). However, the Board of Governors voted to only give UNC's MLK Day of Service $205 for the event (less money than what was given to a game of clue in the library). Taylor wants grant requests to be available publicly on RHA's website to view so residents can make sure their money goes to the right causes. Bates is the only governor on campus to regularly incorporate his residents in the grant review process, and he plans to increase student voice in this key area affecting BSM.