The Circulatory System

Keeps your blood pumpin'

What is the function of the Circulatory System?

The job of the Circulatory System is to keep your blood flowing in and out of the heart. The Circulatory System pumps the blood to the necessary places and when the blood runs out of oxygen, the blood goes back to the heart to get oxygenated.

What are some of the closely related systems?

The Circulatory System is closely related to the Immune System. The Circulatory System helps pump the blood and that helps the white blood cells and T cells move around to get to the germs.

What are the threats? What can you do to keep it healthy?

The threats are second hand smoke, heart disease, heart diseases, etc.

The things you do to take care of the system is eat healthy foods, avoid fatty foods, eat iron rich foods, eat fried foods, go outside and play, etc.

What are the identifiable features?

The identifiable features is the blood, the heart, the arteries, the veins, and the cells.


Other parts of the Circulatory System

Healthy Tip:

To strengthen your heart, get aerobic exercise - that kind of thing that keeps you huffing and puffing



By Sara