Jayden's Most Awesome Poems

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5 year old me

Joyful monkey
Annoying child
aping dogs
Dozen messes
Eleven naps a day
No time

onkey around
Overwhelming child
Raging music
very parents worst nightmare
Loved Spongebob
oved Mommy and Daddy
nterested in The Fairly Oddparents


You are a chicken
a rooster to be exact
Or maybe a rooster
with one foot

A rooster with one foot
is very unique
Don't you wish that
you were unique

Amazing rooster
don't you cry
You are beautiful
even with one foot


beautiful clouds move together
birds talking to each other
fresh cut grass as they blow in the wind
fresh crisp apples as they talk in my mouth
refreshing wind moving through my skin, giving chills

Life Is

Life is like a turtle
filled with slowness
And danger
and hiding

Never underestimate a turtle
one day you may wake up and realize
That your life is gone
life is as slow as a turtle

Elegy to my Grandma

My grandma was the most
important person to me
Knowing day after day she
was not there I lived in pain

She layed there in bed still
I didn't know how to react
I got my mom to tell her
Linda didn't deserve this

We called our friends
family, crying as we told them
They knew she didn't deserve this
we pray for her

Ode to Friendship

A friend is like a flower
a rose to be exact
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched

A friend is like an owl
both beautiful and wise
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost
whose spirit never dies

A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end
where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend

Thanks for being there
and helping me grow
Your friendship means a lot
this Makenzzi I'd like you to know


I was being a couch potato
playing on my phone for hours
when my mom told me to do something
she yelled at me a mile a minute
to kick at it


The mixture of sounds
playing soft and loud
sharps and flats
bad and good kids

Yelling, Yelling, Yelling
Mr. Schontal playing
lose your place catch up
mess up maybe next time

Tons of practice
never stop
keep on trying
you'll never get enough

35 year old me

Joyful person
Adventures explorer
Yowling Huskies
Dozen dates
Eleven more dates
Never had a boyfriend

Meet the right guy
Overwhelming children
Raging fear
Even more crazy
Loving husband
Loving children
I love each and every one