Emma S 8M

Kick It Up A Notch Academy Of Dance

Why I like dance?

I like dance because I can express my feeling while doing something I love. I do almost every kind of dance. Jazz , Ballet, Hip Hop, Tech, Lyrical, Contemapary.

What is Dance?

People say dance isn't a sport, but yes it is. Just because you are not outside or running around it is still a sport. Dance is athletic. It could also be called a art. Dance is a place where you can go and use your emotion and be somewhere for the same reason as everyone else; the love of dance.

Dance is my Passion

I have danced since I was seven years old and I love it. Dancing is one of my faourite things ever. Finishing a long day at school and just thinking now I get to go do what I love. Dancing has brought me so close with my dance studio friends and teachers. Knowing you are now going to a place where you can trust everyone.

What our Dance Studio does in the year.

Our dance studio starts off the year in September to March doing classes. When we get to the end of February we start competions. Competions we do consits of Shine, Peak, Synergy, Dance Power, and Chilliwack. We compete until the end of May. After competing, in June we do a year end show, where we show all of our dances and you don't ger judged. We have done conventions, Run for water and many other fun things.