Alessandro's union railroad!

just sit back and relax and let the union get to work!

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My idea was to span the west with iron rails from Omaha to Sacramento to build a railroad across two thirds of the continent in the most hardest terrain you could ever image about 1,700 miles and more were made in the railroad.

advantages / disadvantages

The advantages in the railroad are it is a quick and more regular form of transport because it helps the transportation of goods. It helps in the industrialization of a country by easy transportation of coal and raw materials at a cheaper rate. Also the railroad helps in quick movement of goods from one place to another at the time of emergencies like families and such. Our disadvantages are of railway transport is its inflexibility and its routes and timings cannot be adjusted to individual requirements. Also railway transport unsuitable and uneconomical for short distances ans small traffic goods. And the railroad it involves much time and labor in booking and delivering goods to.
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Inventors / how did it impact ND

col.John Stevens III ( June 26 1749-march 6th 1838) Stevens was an american lawyer, engineer and inventor of the first locomotive for the union pacific railway and his company has lived on for years now. The union pacific impacted North Dakota by the transportation of oil and coal that passes through the state to get to others states as well as getting the coal from ND.

importance to ND

The union Pacfic didn't even go though ND but the northern pacific did adding more supplies and goods to the state which brought up the economy by adding houses and buissnesses just lik any other boom town.
Smart Rails: Inside Union Pacific's Technological Backbone
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