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Information about Japan

Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with high rise filled cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples; Tokyo the crowded capital is known for its neon Skyscrapers and pop culture contrast.

Due to gases produced by power plants, Japan sometimes suffers from acid rain.

Our Canadian dollar equals 83.64 Japanese Yen.

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In Japan elementary school lasts 6 years, middle school lasting 3 years, high school lasting 3 years and university lasting 4 years.

Children who have their 6th birthday before or on April 1st enter the first grade of elementary school, the school year will start in April and end in March.

Special schools are available for physical/mentally-challenged children who may have difficulty studying at general schools.

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Government/Democracy of Japan

The politics of Japan is conducted in a frame work of a Multi-party representative, where the "Emperor" is the ceremonial head of state, and the prime minster is the head of government

Affordable housing

Massive vacancies in towns outside major urban areas, housing in japan include modern and traditional styles, most housing in japan is old.

Some of the worlds most expensive land can be found in Tokyo, even tiny apartments in the city are very expensive, however housing casts are distinctly lower in Tokyo suburbs.

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Local supermarkets are relatively inexpensive if you stick to traditional Japanese foods, like seasonal vegetables, seafood, soy bean products and rice
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owning a car in Japan is expensive due to mandatory bi-annual inspections, mandatory insurance and automobile tax and the fee for parking spaces, you can purchase for unlimited travel between their home and office/school for a given time period.


Tv's, stereo sets,cameras and computers are reletively inexpensive at discount stores