Friday Flash

Friday, March 28, 2014 or actually Monday, March 31

Coming Up this Week!

4/1: Chelsea @ Principal P.D. until 3pm

4/2: PTA Executive Board Meeting, 6pm

4/4- Chelsea at Admin. Meeting until 11:30 (Smith in charge)

4/1, 4/3- Library Check in/Check Out Training (K-2 can go on Weds, see below)

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

March MaDNesS-

Thanks to the SEL Team (Mrs. Havenar, Mrs. Wong, Ms. Sullivan, and Mrs. Salvatore) as well as Ms. Lacey, Ms. Eva, Ms. Erica, and Coach Hawaii for all of their help with Glenview's First March Madness event.


Summer School: June 23-July 18

We have 30 spots held for Far below basic/below basic Summer school students from Glenview to attend Bella Vista's summer school program. Students need to be registered by 4/11.

Please email me the names of your students who will benefit from summer school and are able to attend all of the days.

Brothers on the Rise- April Dates

4/23- Professional Development: Jon Gligoff from Brothers on the Rise will join us to get our initial input and our analysis of the Glenview Boy experience and how to facilitate the success of all boys

4/30 at 6pm- Glenview Parents of Boys Evening (all parents of boys invited!) to this focus group to discuss how to facilitate the success of our boys

Homework Club is back on!

Starting this Thursday at 2:30p, the Homework Club for English Learners will be back on! Ms. Morgan will be the new teacher for this twice weekly club. We are also expanding the program to include more English Learners from the Learning Spot. You may hear from Ms. Morgan if she needs more info. about one of your students. We are able to fund Mrs. Morgan through her existing contract as the Learning Spot liaison. A great collaboration!

Music Demo by ZSharp on Thursday am.

ZSharp, a non-profit that provides music to schools, will be here on Thursday, 4/3 doing a demo. lesson in Mr. Granda's room (tentatively his room, pending his schedule!). ZSharp provides music education that is aligned to CA state standards and they work with teachers to link their curriculum to the ELA and Math program in your classroom. I have invited PTA parents to observe as we continue to explore affordable options for next year. If you would like to stop in to see, let me know and I will arrange for coverage of your class.

Leveled Literacy

Want to learn more about how to begin using Leveled literacy in your classroom? The Oakland Literacy Coalition has been helping teachers get their entire classroom ready for leveled literacy. Although we will be slowly moving to this model, if you want to start hearing about the process, join Barbara Collins, Barbara Havenar, and I on 4/3 at 3:30p.

P.D. This Week: SBAC Training & Library Training

1:30-3:30: Required SBAC Collaboration & Training for all 3-5th grade teachers in Portable 7

1:30-2:30: K-2 Teachers @ PREP

2:30-3:30pm: Library Training on how to check in/out books in the Library


Yard Duty Reminder

If you are out, please remember to either ask a colleague to cover your yard duty time or be sure to emphasize it in your sub. plans….

Rainy Day Reminders

  • Stay with your class during morning recess. Instructional Aides and support staff will rotate through to give you a restroom break.
  • Follow the lunch schedule and call the office if the person covering your class does not show up.
  • If a support staff person who covers lunch is absent (Ms. Gaines, Coach Hawaii, Ms. D., Ms. Padilla, Ms. Jacobsen, etc.) please notify the office immediately in the morning so an alternate can be identified to fill the schedule.
  • Teachers- please remind your aides where they should go for coverage.
  • Remind your students to be respectful and follow directions of ALL adults on rainy days.

The Chromebooks Have Landed! (Almost!)

We have received word they will be here on Weds. 4/2! Thanks to Mr. Miller, Ms. Jacobsen, and Mr. Ross who are busily doing the behind the scenes work to have us ready for SBAC testing.

Please note that the textbook room keys have been changed to ensure the security of the machines. Mr. Miller, Mr. Ross, and Ms. Jacobsen will each have a key.

Meds on Field Trips

Remember to return all medications, epi pens, inhalers, etc. to the office when you get back from a field trip.

Library Check Out Training for Teachers, 4/1 and 4/3

Are you tired of getting to the library and not being able to check out books? Would you like to help the parents by moving your students faster through the check out process? The volunteer library parents will be providing training for teachers (15-20 min) on 4/1 and 4/3 so that you can learn how to scan the books. Please come to this quick training which will make your library time much smoother!

Emergency Drills

Thanks for a safe and speedy drill last week.

Did you have your class roster up to date?

Surprise Stranger on Campus Drill coming soon!

New Copier Update Part 5

The PTA Executive Board will make the final decision on which copier to purchase this Weds evening. Mr. Kong has been doing some great negotiating to get a us a good deal!

Summer Job?

Jessica Eiselman, Glenview parent, works with Gailileo summer camps and they are hiring for a variety of positions:

Lead Instructor positions fill quickly on a rolling basis.

  • $475-675 per week (Monday-Friday) depending on subject and experience

  • Art, science, outdoors, and technology subject areas include classes like Illuminated Art Studio, Junior Surgeons, Chefology, Video Game Design, Go-Kart Makers, and more

  • Over 40 locations throughout all regions of the Bay Area

  • 6-10 week commitment, depending on location (day camp program, housing not provided)

Please contact Jessica directly if you have questions: