Mustang Message

February 27, 2017

A Principal's Perspective

Chris Field was inspiring! I hope that you too took something away from his message that encouraged you as we finish out the year strong. What I will remember most was the reminder, "Hundreds of little people that will eventually become big people will remember your name. Your fingerprints are all over them." What a great reminder for us of the gift and privilege we have to influence young people which makes Each Life...Each Day...Each Hour very precious.

Be Innovative - Design the possibilities!


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Morning Duties for the Week

Morning Assembly (7:20): Seagraves

Gym (7:20): S. Anderson

Cafeteria (7:20): J. Parker

Bus (7:15 - Buses/ Cafeteria after all buses arrive): Bartosh

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20-7:50): Sullivan

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20-7:50): Williams & Lutz

Counselor Schedule: Kinder/PPCD/LifeSkills/PreK

Librarian: GP

Week at a Glance

Saturday & Sunday - Internet Down - Network Outage


Tuesday: 4th Grade Lunch with the Principal 12:25; GP Tech Training @ 3:20

Wednesday: Spring retake pictures for identified students; Lunch Lounge Wednesday - Eating in the teacher's lounge? Wear a GP shirt and jeans!; Tech and Specialists' Open Office Hours 3:15-4:15; New GP Teachers - Meeting 3:30-4:30

Thursday: 3rd grade field trip to Houston; PTO Meeting 12:00

Friday: 4th Grade Lunch with the Principal 12:25

News & Notes

  • Please see Chris Parr's e-mail for tech sessions and locations.
  • We are changing out our phones. This week each classroom will have a new phone delivered. Please continue to use the old phone until we get the okay from technology that the new phones are in service.

Mustang Yee Haws!

  • Ok, this is not a Yee Haw but really funny. Sometimes we get great absence excuse notes in the office. This one by far is the best. I thought we could all relate and laugh at the same time. Shared with permission.

"Please excuse _______ from school on Thursday and Friday. She was very ill. Like the couch still smells like a small animal crawled in it and died. ;)" GP Parent