Right to education

Christian Rosas

EVERYONE should have the right to education

Every single person in the world has the right to be what they want and pursue there goals. Some of those goals require schooling. Some people with those types of goals happen to be women. lots of country's in the world like India don't allow women to go to school because they feel women cant and should not be equal or even better than men. Which is a very mediocre way of thinking. Everyone is a person the fact that they might be a different gender doesn't and shouldn't change anything. Everyone should have a shot at education so that after they get there education they can go onto become someone successful and might even be well known in the world some day, but in order to do that you need to have some type of education.

organization making a change

educating girls matter

In places like India it is not common or usually even aloud for women to go to school. Usually because the men in India don't want to feel intimidated by women. So there are very nice people around the world that formed a group called educating girls matters. They go around mainly to afgahnastan and helps build schools so that the women in this osition get the education they need.

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