Support Preventing Animal Cruelty

Loving Paws fundraiser is raising money to aid the ASPCA

Loving Paws Fundraiser

Sitters on Park offers quality pet care services to local Winter Park families. Each of our sitters has such a passion for animals and wanted to create a fundraiser to contribute to a nationwide organization who has been helping to prevent animal cruelty and abuse for many years: the ASPCA. Loving Paws is asking you for a generous donation to help protect animals across the country who cannot protect themselves.

Loving Paws

Wednesday, Jan 16th, 12am

200 S Knowles Ave

Winter Park, FL

Loving Paws fundraiser is open to excepting donations through the end of May 2013. As of January 16th, we are setting out to connect with local pet owners and activists who are interested in helping us with our cause!

Scheduling an Event

If you are interested in working with Sitters on Park to help put a stop to domestic animal abuse, please contact us today to start scheduling an event!